What are you talking about? This is a memo about some fire drill on Tuesday.

You're the blue team captain, you get to wear a fire hat.

Harvey Specter
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 I'm emotionally vested in me.

I'm against having emotions, not using them.


Harvey Specter Best closer in NYC.

Harvey Specter. I'm the best damn closer in this city. You can ask anyone. If you come at me you better be prepared to not play by the rules. I don't take anything laying down got it?

■ Big fan of sarcasm.
■ Has a human puppy named Mike.
■ Was a bit of a shut-in during law school.
■ Depends on his secretary more than he should.
■ Was just recently dicked over by his mentor.
■ Eternal bachelor.
■ Makes grown men cry in courtrooms sometimes.
■ Doesn't like to fight, but if he has to he can.
■ No problem shoveling the low-profile pro-bono cases to his associate.
■ Will not hesitate to bully a CEO to get the job done.
■ Former Assistant District Attorney.
■ Could never leave Manhattan.

NOTE: He's Harvey Specter from Suits. Some of the stuff I come up with for him is a bit head canon, but that's what this is all about huh? He's very straight so don't expect any Mike/Harvey romance. There is still plenty of epic Mike and Harvey times to be had that aren't romantic. Them being BAMF and pissing off Louis? Totally. Want a verse? Just PM me.

The Best Damn Closer.
Harvey Specter.

Muse and Mun 18+.
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WISDOM: "I appreciate a good single malt. I don't pretend I can make one." —Harvey Specter

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